Vim snippet for console logging

I did another one today to easier debugging in JavaScript.

nmap cll yiwocll<Esc>pF(a'<Esc>lyiwea', <Esc>p<Esc>

When your cursor is on a word in normal mode, you can type cll and it will insert a console.log statement with the word you’re on on the next line. And that’s not all… it will also add that word as a string in front of it!


const someMysteriousData = something
console.log('someMysteriousData', someMysteriousData)

Someone also told me about a trick for console logging where you put curly braces around the logged data.

console.log({ someMysteriousData }) - that will turn it into an object with the key of someMysteriousData. So if there's no mysterious data, you still see the key and an empty object. I did that for a while but it's a bit confusing if the data is an object and then you don't know which object is which and I didn't like it because it was too confusing basically.

So now I have cll and it's awesome.

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