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06 September 2019

I'm reading The Pragmatic Programmer at the moment and they explain what orthogonal systems are. I feel like I had heard about it before but…

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01 September 2019

I came across this philosophy in the new edition of the Pragmatic Programmer book. (I guess the original version talks about it too but I…

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Comparing dates in JS

16 August 2019

I’ve recently done a lot with dates and times. And I found it really fiddly. Comparing dates, comparing times of days… and I learnt a few…

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What exactly is Opera Mini?

01 August 2019

I feel like every time I look at to see what the browser support is for certain CSS or JS features, there’s usually a mix of…

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WebP image compression

31 July 2019

I’m really not keeping up with the latest web development trends… Today was the first time that I heard about WebP. It’s an image format…

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Express routing error

28 July 2019

What Express is trying to tell you is that your route is calling a controller function that doesn’t exist… Because you renamed it in the…

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Slack - toggle right pane

26 July 2019

I think threads on Slack are great - they keep the channel a lot tidier. It just always annoyed me that I couldn’t figure out which shortcut…

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Elixir module not available

19 July 2019

I’m working on a small side project in Elixir and last time I worked on it, I got stuck because I got this error.I had just written a…

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04 July 2019

Sounds pretty wild and like something you probably don’t want to touch with a bargepole! Au contraire. I’ve seen it all over our Tes…

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MongoDb write concerns

30 June 2019

I’ve been doing the MongoDB for JavaScript developers course by MongoDB University. Today I learnt about write concerns.Let’s say we are…

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Function capturing in Elixir

29 June 2019

In Elixir you sometimes need an anonymous function instead of a named function. The difference is that an anonymous function has access to…

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MongoDB lookups

23 June 2019

As part of the MongoDB University course that I’m doing, I had to write an aggregation with a $lookup 😱And I learnt that lookups are…

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Edit view vs read-only view

19 June 2019

At work we’re aiming to build a new system in the most Lean way possible. Which basically means that we’re trying to get it up and running…

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React Hooks in production

12 June 2019

Today I used React Hooks for the first time in a production project. Boom! Modern JavaScript. I used the state hook which replaces and…

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Upgrade to Neovim

05 June 2019

As a modern woman, I’d been thinking about upgrading to Neovim for a while. (OK, you might argue, that as a modern woman I should have…

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lodash fp

17 April 2019

Today my colleague Federico introduced me to the functional programming library of lodash. We were using . Here’s how we used it: We had a…

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MongoDB projections

14 April 2019

Every time I have to do a MongoDB query I feel a bit uneasy… I know how to make some basic queries but the rest I always have to google. So…

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Studio 3T for MongoDB skillz

27 March 2019

Most of us at work seem to be using Studio 3T to access our data in MongoDB. Here are a few things that I've learnt that help me use it…

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MongoDB compound indexes

21 March 2019

I picked up a story at work today which is related to indexes in MongoDB. Basically, one of my colleagues had run a query to evaluate the…

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Mangrove forests

16 March 2019

I was on holiday in Thailand this weekend. Yeah, digital nomad life is tough 🙂 But I still learnt something. My partner and I went on a…

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CSS Transition Group

14 March 2019

I read this interesting article this morning in bed (great excuse to stay in bed longer). It's about how someone refactored their frontend…

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