Upgrade to Neovim

As a modern woman, I’d been thinking about upgrading to Neovim for a while. (OK, you might argue, that as a modern woman I should have upgraded to Neovim a long time ago. Or that I would not be using Vim at all but anyway…).

So finally, after the security vulnerability in older versions of Vim was made public, this was the final push to make me do it. I would have had to upgrade my Vim anyway, so why not switch to Neovim.

I started googling how to get Neovim to understand my .vimrc and guess what - it was easy! Who would have thought?!

Steps to move from Vim to Neovim:

brew install nvim

Create the nvim directory in config:

mkdir ~/.config/nvim/

Then add three lines to the init.vim file in this directory.

vim ~/.config/nvim/init.vim

The three lines are:

set runtimepath^=~/.vim runtimepath+=~/.vim/after 
let &packpath = &runtimepath 
source ~/.vimrc

And these three lines of code make sure that nvim uses your previous Vim setup.

And that’s all I had to do!

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