Slack - toggle right pane

I think threads on Slack are great - they keep the channel a lot tidier. It just always annoyed me that I couldn’t figure out which shortcut to use to close that little window on the right, that showed the threads view. And I really dislike having that window open while reading conversations in other channels. I need to close it after reading the threaded conversation!

So I finally made the effort to google it. (yes, sooo much effort!) It’s cmd + . to toggle that right pane. Which reminded me of an IntelliJ shortcut. Didn't that same one open the preferences?

I googled again - no, turns out that it's cmd + , that opens the preferences. Same as on Slack! Hopefully I will remember this now that I’ve written about it.

[Edit... I first wrote this note on 26 July in Evernote and finally published this post today, on 24 September. I didn't remember the shortcut! But now that I've re-read. I must remember it! I think I'll set myself a Slack reminder in a week to see if I'm using the short cut or not.]

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