Passing props into styled components

I only just started working with styled components and they seemed pretty straight forward to use. You can use any HTML tag of your choice and pass it your CSS as a JavaScript object. Styling a div, would look something like this:

const StyledContainer = styled.div({
  color: "black",
  background: "white"

Or you can also give a style to your own React component by passing it to the styled() function like this:

const StyledContainer = styled(Container)({ // <Container /> is my own React component here.
  color: "black",
  background: "white"

Today I found out that you can pass props into those styled elements, just like you can into a React component. Which is, of course, extremely handy!

Let's imagine we want to have an inverted colour scheme, for example when a user chooses to see our website in dark mode. We can pass the inverted state as a prop and access it in a function that needs to return the JavaScript object with the styling instructions.

Here's a TypeScript example (prop types specified in the angle brackets):

const StyledContainer = styled.div<{ inverse: boolean }>((props) => ({
  color: props.inverse ? "white" : "black",
  background: props.inverse ? "black" : "white"

and you can use it in your code like this:

const MyElement = () => <StyledContainer inverse />

Very useful indeed!

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