Passing options to listEntities in Azure Data Tables Node SDK

There's a Node / TypeScript SDK for interacting with Azure Table Storage tables.

The query capabilities of an Azure Table Storage table aren't great, but I found out that you can at least pass some options into the listEntities() function for the @azure/data-tables Node SDK.

I wanted to find all entities with a certain RowKey. I was worried that I'd have to iterate over all the rows in the table and then filter those that I needed in JavaScript.

Luckily it's possible to pass queryOptions! To me this wasn't obvious from the documentation, so I thought I'd share here how it works:

// Create the client with your config

const tableClient = new TableClient(
  ...some parameters based on your config...

// Filter only those rows with the row key "generic"
const listEntitiesOptions = {
    queryOptions: { filter: "RowKey eq 'generic'" },

// Pass options into the function  
let entitiesIter = tableClient.listEntities(listEntitiesOptions);

Maybe this will help someone trying to query these tables...

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