Changing an index to a sparse index in MongoDB

An index on a specific fields means that when we do a query using that field, it will be more performant. But what happens when not all documents in the db have that field? Then we can use a sparse index. That means that the query will only use that index on those documents that has the field.

When changing an existing index to a sparse index, we need to manually delete the index in the database and then the sparse index can be recreated. Otherwise we get errors like I did recently.

I had deployed some code that was saving some new documents that didn’t the field that the index was on. My colleague had changed it to be created a sparse index in our code, but it wasn’t updated. So the first time I saved a new document without the field, it was created with the field as a null value. It tried to do it again for the second time and then I got an error saying that I can’t save duplicate keys - because it tried to save it as null again. No more documents were saved after.

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