Web monetisation with Coil

I was listening to the Shoptalk Show podcast episode about how to make money with your content on the web. And there’s a new way of doing that with one provider called Coil. I think there might be others offering this service too, but Coil was the one that Chris Coyer, the Shoptalk Show host, had tried out.

The way it works is that a web user will have a wallet in their browser. And when the user visits websites which are able to receive money from this wallet, then they will give the website a few cents per click or so.

As a website owner who would be receiving this kind of money, you could for example display some additional content for Coil users. Or you could hide the ads that you normally show or offer some high definition videos which would cost you more money to host.

I find it quite an interesting concept. But I think I would prefer if the Coil users were able to define which websites get the money. It sounded like the money in the Coil wallet would be automatically sprinkled around any websites that accept Coil money.

I can't imagine this taking off any time soon but who knows? Maybe I just can't imagine the future very well!

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