Vim snippet to focus on a test

The amount of times that I've finished writing the expectation of a test, then navigated up to the description of the test (usually using % to match the closing bracket), then added a .only after the it to run only that specific test… yes… a large amount of times.

So finally I made a vim snippet to do this for me.

map <leader>fit <Esc>/^\s*it(<cr>N0f(i.only<Esc>

Now, all I need to type is <leader> + fit to achieve the same thing.

How it works:

First it searches for the next line beginning with it(, which is how the tests always start. But I don’t want to next line, I want the previous line, because I will probably have just finished typing the test assertion or something else in the body of the test. So after it found the beginning of the line, I'm using N to find the previous one. Then I'm using 0 to go to the beginning of the line, find the opening bracket and type .only.

In Jasmine, you could focus a test with adding an f in front of the it. I'm not using Jasmine now, but in my previous job we had a lot of fun with this letter combination ("fit tests"... I won't go into detail because, you know… you had to be there really). But that's why I called the shortcut "fit".

I also created a snippet to remove the focus from the test, which we used to call "unfit a test". I told you, you had to be there…

Unfitting works like this: map <leader>unfit <Esc>/^\s*it.only(<cr>fodiwhx<Esc>

Find lines beginning with it.only(, then find the letter 'o', delete the whole word and also remove the dot by moving left with h and typing x for deleting. Well fit.

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