Mangrove forests

I was on holiday in Thailand this weekend. Yeah, digital nomad life is tough đŸ™‚ But I still learnt something.

My partner and I went on a snorkelling trip. And on the boat to the snorkelling spots we went past some Mangrove forests in the sea. Our guide was telling us that the trees hold their own soil, so without the trees, there wouldn't be any soil or eco-system that comes with it left. The trees protect against erosion and therefore make the coastline more stable. They also attract a lot of different species. Unfortunately 20% of the world's mangrove forests have been destroyed by humans since 1980, largely due to shrimp farming. Interestingly the tsunami in 2004 didn't completely destroy the Mangrove forests. They were able to grow back afterwards. Apparently only humans can make the destruction final. It was a beautiful snorkelling trip but the Mangrove story along with the dead corals that you could see everywhere gave me something to think about…

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