.gitconfig with conditionals

Today I learnt that you can have conditional statements in your .gitconfig file.

This was useful because I now have a second Github account for a client project in addition to my usual public account.

So if I commit to the client's repo, I don't want to be committing with my public user details but with the account that the client has set up for me on their Github enterprise installation.

I added a conditional to my .gitconfig based on the directory that I'm working in. In this case, if I'm in the client work directory, the config for my second account will be used.

[includeIf "gitdir:~/work/client-work/"]
	path = ~/.gitconfig-second-account

And then in the .gitconfig-second-account I am able to specify a different user and whatever other things I need for that second Github account.

  email = the email I use for the client project

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