Elixir module not available

I’m working on a small side project in Elixir and last time I worked on it, I got stuck because I got this error.

The module #{ModuleName} was given as a child to a supervisor but it does not exist

I had just written a Supervisor for the first time and created an Agent as a child of the Supervisor. Not available! I thought I’d done something wrong with creating the Supervisor or the Agent and read the docs 100 times… nothing!

I mean, the module name was correct, no typos, the module was in the correct directory, I was using the full name so hadn’t forgotten an alias… What else could it be? The module is clearly there!

Finally I checked the beam files in "_build/#{MIX_ENV}/lib/#{APP_NAME}/ebin" And yes… the Agent module was indeed not there.

And why was it??? Because I had used the wrong file extension! I had used .exs instead of .ex. Argh…!!

.ex is for compiled code, .exs is for interpreted code.

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