Comparing dates in JS

I’ve recently done a lot with dates and times. And I found it really fiddly. Comparing dates, comparing times of days… and I learnt a few things about that.

Firstly, moment.js is a life saver. It has so many cool functions for dates… whoever created it, thank you. Other things I figured out:

It’s really hard to compare dates. I tried converting them into milliseconds so I could sort the dates. If you have a JavaScript date object, you can call on it, which gives you milliseconds.

The annoying thing is that you’re probably going to have to covert the milliseconds back into date objects later, which you can do with new Date(milliSecondDate).

For comparing if one date equals another, I used the cool moment function isSame. It can be called on a moment date, so something like this moment(date).isSame(new Date(someDate)). The date that you’re comparing it to doesn’t have to be a moment date though. It can also be a date object, a string or milliseconds. And the really cool thing is that you can specify what you want to compare! A date object normally looks like this, with really specific time included. 2019-08-16T06:56:49.703Z So if you want to compare two dates but only care about the hour of day but nothing more granular than that, you can do this: moment(date).isSame(new Date(someDate), ‘hour’). It will compare everything from year up to the hour, but nothing after that.

Here are the docs:

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